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Welcome to the Dr. Lavasanifar's website. Here you will find information about Dr. Lavasanifar, the lab's research interest and activity, current and past members, as well as the lab's infrastructure and instraments.





1. Design and development of nanotechnology products for improving response to cancer chemotherapy. Research on this topic is pursued in two avenues:

a. Development of polymeric nano-carriers for the targeted delivery of anticancer drugs. The mission of this research program is to develop innovative pharmaceuticals (with particular focus on nano-medicine) that offer bio-available, less toxic, and more effective alternativeness to current drugs in combating hard-to-treat and resistant cancers. Particular attention is paid to the development of engineered carriers that provide specific delivery of anti-cancer drugs to cellular and intracellular targets.

b. Development of polymer based nano-carriers for the tumor targeted delivery of modulators of drug resistant. It is the objective of this research to either silence the expression or inhibit the function of oncoproteins responsible for resistance to therapy in several tumors.


2. Development of new biodegradable block copolymers for mucosal and regional delivery. This project is seeking development of a new family of biodegradable polymeric micellar delivery systems and thermo- and pH responsive hydrogels for the solubilization of poorly water soluble drugs and/or depot drug release.


3. Development of nano-delivery systems for cancer immunotherapy and immunomonitoring- The nanoparticle delivery of therapeutic cancer vaccines to dendritic cells (DCs) for the modulation of T cell mediated immune responses constitutes is an alternative method that (in combination with targeted chemotherapy) has the potential to make an extraordinary world-wide advancement in cancer eradication. A major barrier to cancer immunotherapy is cancer-induced immune tolerance. The objective of this research is to exploit development of nanoparticulate based cancer vaccines that can provide a platform for co-delivery of cancer antigens and adjuvants to DCs boosting immune response against cancer associated/specific antigens. A second objective under this project will seek design of tumor or DC targeted nano-delivery systems for overcoming immunotolerance against cancer vaccines. We also have an interest in the development MRI and PET nano-probes for DC and T-cell imaging in the context of cancer immunotherapy.






Latest News


September, 2014

We would like to welcome Ms. Nasim Ghasemi and Mr. Igor Paiva for joining our Lab.


September, 2014

Congratulations are extended to Ms. Hoda Soleymani Abyaneh for being awarded the Dr. Leonard Wiebe Graduate Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences


September, 2014

Congratulations are extended to Mr. Shyam Garg for being awarded the Dr. Ed Knaus Graduate Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Research


July, 2014

Congratulations are extended to Ms. Hoda Soleymani Abyaneh for successfully passing her candidacy exam


May, 2014

Congratulations are extended to Dr. Afsaneh Lavasanifar on being awarded the 2014 NSERC Discovery Grant.


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